Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Hate Coffee

For some reason, I always imagine an avid reader and blogger sitting with their coffee on Saturday morning, reading with their laptop by their side. That's not me. Just like some people are dog people as opposed to cat people, I am a tea person as opposed to a coffee person. Coffee is way too bitter, no matter how much milk you put into it. The worst thing about coffee though is the caffeine. When I try I coffee once again to see if I like it, somehow it always ends up being near to when I go to bed. This means that I'm up half the night angry journal ranting about caffeine and wishing that I would just be able to sleep. The only thing I like about coffee is coffee ice-cream.

Coffee is like vanilla extract. It smells great, but is bitter when you taste it.

Are you a coffee or tea person? Neither? Then what do you like to sip while reading your books?


  1. I like both! In the winter I drink tea all the time because I love to have something warm.


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