Thursday, October 11, 2012

Emily's House (Akasha Chronicles) by Natalie Wright

This copy was provided for review purposes, but my review has not been affected in anyway.

 This book was...not for me. It wasn't that it was badly written or anything (it was actually strangely addictive), there just wasn't the right puzzle pieces for me. Also there were somethings that just didn't make sense at the time and also at one point there was a switch from third person narrative to first person narrative.

Another thing that put me off about this book was it's long intro. I found the story fascinating, but it went on for a good 20% of the book. I mean seriously? Even after that, everything still seemed like an intro. I like things to be happening. There wasn't much happening...

Also I didn't really like Emily's (the main character's) friends names. Fanny and Jake? I guess I kind of expected more from a book with such a cool series name (Akasha Chronicles). Also the main character's name is Emily. I got my best friend's opinion. She agreed with me.

The one thing I did like about this book was the whole idea of it. I loved all the stories it told. The author should make a book called The High Priestess Stories. I would read it.

I also really liked Emily's teachers. Or masters. Or whatever. They were cool people.

A final thing I really like about Emily's House was how descriptive the prologue was.

My Rating

 Like my new rating? I do! Me and my oak trees...

Favorite Quote
"Humans say 'I have to see it to believe it'. Instead, you must believe it before you can see it."

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