Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sweet Blood of Mine by John Corwin

This book was provided to me for review purposes, but this did not, in any way, affect my opinion of the book.

Rating: 4.125 stars

I'm so exact, aren't I? If you want to know why I did it that way, read on. (If not, skip this paragraph.) Well first of all I rated two different parts of the books different things. I rated the first 84% of the book 4 stars and the second 12% percent of the book 5 stars. If you did the math, this should add up to 96%. (I left 4% out for the excerpt from the next book.) Now the math may seem complicated, but it really is just simply finding the mean. So I multiplied 84 by 4 because 84 parts of the book were rated 4 stars. I got 336. Then I multiplied 12 by 5 because 12 parts of the book were rated 5 stars. I got 60. I added those two numbers together (I got 396), divided it by 96 (just like you would do if you were finding the mean of a set of numbers because 96 was the total number of parts or numbers), and then got 4.125.

Okay. Aside from all the confusing math stuff, I loved this book and it's characters. I do admit that at the beginning of the book I really did not like Justin, the main character. He just wasn't someone I wanted to root for. I like the male main characters to be hot and sexy. Okay, maybe I'm not that biased, but I do like my main characters to be attractive because I love falling in love with them. Anyways, Justin turned out to be a real sweetheart (not that he ever wasn't, I guess I just kind of didn't realize it for a while) and I loved that he protected Elyssa no matter what. I'm not in love with him like some others are, but he is probably one of my favorite characters.

My all time favorite character from this book (and overall now too) was Elyssa. She was smart, sexy, had a ninja outfit, and had amazing sword skills. Um, can I please be this girl? Also, she was that kind of girl who hated it when people tried to protect her. She was just freaking awesome.

Now, on to the bad stuff. The beginning of the book dragged a little. Or maybe it was just the fact that the book itself is kind of long. Whatever it was, it dragged out a bit. Also, I didn't like that Justin was made out to be a complete nerd in the beginning, but as the story went on he would make witty remarks that didn't exactly fit his character. One final thing is that during the football part of the book, sarcasm was used quite frequently, and it wasn't always clear whether some parts were sarcastic or not.

Now you can go back, read that second and third paragraph again, and go read this book. Trust me. It's worth it.

Have you read this book before? What did you think? If you haven't do you think you'll add it to your "To Read" list?

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