Monday, March 18, 2013

Archangel by Sarah J Pepper

This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis (from Goodreads): 
Once upon a time... 
Two courts rule Faierie – the Seelie and Unseelie. Seelie faie are recognized for their illusionists and magic that mimics fantasy. The darker, wicked Unseelie are coveted for their extraordinary senses and trickery spells. Their rivalry flourishes between their courts, especially when seemingly random faie turn up missing and dead. Accompanied by her guardian lover, Roxy is appointed to unmask the criminal mastermind. As evidence leads her back to the Goblin Territory – the very place where her destructive, blood-lust tale began – her guarded, dark past unravels. Unseelie accusations develop as she attempts to keep her secrets hidden. They scrutinize Roxy’s association with the atrocious goblins and suspect her murderous involvement. However, what’s more alarming than the allegations, is the growing suspicion and distrust in her lover eyes. With each clue uncovered, he gets closer to discovering the truth behind it all, which has unforeseeable consequences...


Sorry it has taken me so long to get a review up (or anything up for that matter). I have been a lazy butt for the past few weeks. Better late then never though!

Okay so first of all, there are parts of this book that This kind of set me off, but I liked the rest of the storyline so much, I just kept reading. If you don't like "adult" books though, I really don't recommend you reading this.

I also got really confused because it felt like this book was the second book of a series. There was just a lot of information that you feel like you are supposed to know, but I guess that's just the author trying to put an aura of mystery around it. It did not help that on Goodreads it says that this is the second book. The author told me it was the first book though so...I guess it is.

There are some really good characters in this book. I think my favorite character is Alexander, the Unseelie prince. He has these great sarcastic lines and devilish attitude. He and the two demis were awesome.

Roxy is...I don't know. She seems like she is always ready to put herself on the line to save other peoples' lives, but I can't tell if this feels genuine or not. She also has what you could call "mood swings," but that's the fault of magic, not hormones. Roxy's lover, Ashton, is also an interesting character. I never felt like I could trust him even though he never is a bad guy at any point in the book.

Overall, the plot line was good (excluding the "adult" part) and the characters were also good. I think the best part of the book was the end because I never saw it coming, but it was also the saddest part of the book.

Favorite Quote:

"Unseelie kings got along about as well as two dieting women sharing dessert on the third day of a yo-yo diet."


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