Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Girl (Guardians #1) by Lola St.Vil

Okay, so this isn't the default cover on Goodreads, but I liked this one better than the default one. Also, I didn't include the synopsis because I thought it completely ruined the book. I know it kind of did for me.


Since I didn't include the synopsis of the book, I thought I would give you a little background. Basically this book is about angels. Angels who have come to save the world. And of course there's a little romance in between.

I actually liked this book. I didn't think I would. I mean, it's a free book on Amazon. No offense to free books on Amazon, but they are not generally spectacular. Maybe it's because this book is better than some of the other ones I have been reading lately. I don't know.

I loved all the characters in this book. Especially the angels. I think that the author did a very good job of developing these characters and making you feel like you could connect to them. I especially connected with the main character Emmy. I think a lot of book people could. She is a book nerd through and through and she would rather be reading than watching TV.

I found the plot line really interesting too. There is a lot to learn about the angel world and what goes on there, but that just makes the fantasy world that the author creates seem even more real. The more detail there is, the more you can "see" the world the characters live in.

The only thing about this book is that sometimes I would get really confused about what was going on. Also, sometimes a character would just disappear from a scene and you would be like where'd he/she go? Those were minor things though.


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