Friday, May 10, 2013

Freewrite Friday

Okay so the other day in English we were instructed to spend ten minutes and just write. We were sort of writing about narrative essays, but I don't think everyone did so. So I thought I'd do the same once in a while and share it with you guys. So I'm not writing aimlessly I have decided to write about something I am craving (I didn't come up with it, I found it on some website). Timer starts now!

Something I crave...Something I crave...well...I'm always craving something sweet. Always. Especially after I go on Pinterest. There is just so much food on that website. Sometimes I wonder if supermarkets make even more money now because people want to go out and make the food that's on Pinterest. To bad there's not really anyway to tell... Oh my goodness! Now I'm just getting hungry thinking about all this delicious food! All I can see in my mind are those delicious cupcakes, cookies, scones... My goodness when is dinner time? Are we going to have dessert? I sure hope so. Now I want to go bake something! Too bad I don't have any ingredients for anything in my house. I am now mentally planning out all the recipes I want to make in my head. I'll probably end up making something for my mom for Mother's Day. Now I feel like this was a bad idea... this whole freewriting thing. I mean who is going to read this? Yup, that's right, no one. Oh my goodness... Two different radio stations playing in the background... My mind is so confused? Did they just say Tony Stark? Oooh now I want to watch Iron Man! Have you guys seen Iron Man? Iron Man 3 that is. Or you could tell me if you've seen the first two. Suprisingly, I liked them. Yup. I'm a girly, girl into action movies. Well I'm not really that girly, but I'm definitely not a tomboy either. My stomach is rumbling. I realize how offtrack I've gotten. This is not really about what I crave at all. This is more like my stream of consciousness. Hopefully that will be more interesting than you guys hearing about what I'm craving for 10 minutes. Everytime I write "you guys" I think of "vous" in French. For those of you who don't take French, "vous" can mean "you guys," but it can also mean "you." A formal "you." Like for when you're talking to an adult or a stranger. Oooh look I got a little French lesson in this and everything.

Sorry. Maybe this was a bad idea. I know I had fun, but whether or not you guys enjoyed this is questionable. Happy Friday!

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